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Schools Out For Summer!

Why now is a great time to get your young ones eyes tested...

Children may not be able to articulate or recognize visual issues, and some conditions may not be obvious to you. An eye examination can identify potential vision problems early, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. Clear vision is crucial for a child's development, including their ability to learn, read, and interact with their environment. Early detection and correction of vision issues can aid in reaching developmental milestones.

Vision problems can impact a child's academic performance. If a child has difficulty seeing the board or reading books, it can lead to frustration, reduced interest in learning, and potential learning difficulties. Eye exams also assess the overall health of the eyes. Detecting eye conditions or diseases early can prevent or minimize long-term damage to a child's vision.

With the increasing use of digital devices, children may experience digital eye strain. Regular eye exams can help address any related issues and provide recommendations to reduce eye strain. Myopia is becoming more prevalent in children due to factors like increased screen time and reduced outdoor activities. Early detection and management of myopia can help slow its progression.

Also, if your under 16, the cost of the eye exam is completely free, subsidized by the NHS. Plus, if glasses are required, there is support from the NHS and ourselves to fund that.

Overall, eye examinations are crucial in ensuring that a child's vision is healthy and that any potential issues are addressed promptly, setting the stage for optimal visual development and overall well-being. Make your child's appointment online at our website

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