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Are your Eyes road worthy?

Police forces across the UK are carrying out roadside vision screenings to highlight the law that motorists must make sure they can see well enough to drive.

The results will be processed ahead of the launch of ‘Is your vision roadworthy?’, a public information campaign supported by motoring, road safety and optical organisations such as one of our governing organisations, ABDO.

From a recent interview for ABDO with Sussex Police chief constable and roads lead for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Jo Shiner, said: “Personal responsibility is the starting point for safer roads. Making sure your eyesight meets the standards of vision for driving is really important and something only you can do to keep yourself and all other road users safe while driving.”

Police will be actively engaging with the community with the help of new toolkits to promote the importance of routine eye tests. These have been sent nationwide.

Drivers who fail a roadside check on their ability to read a number plate at 20m could have their licence revoked on the spot, if a police officer deems them unsafe. Other penalties for not meeting the legal eyesight standards include a fine or penalty points on your licence.

You can of course make sure you are within the legal limit with an eye examination, this enables us to verify if you meet the standard and take action to correct if needed. You should have a sight test at least once very 2 years to make sure you are legal.

You can book your appointment via our website or online here:

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