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How best to protect your eyes whilst playing Sports

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Top tips to keep your vision clear and safe whilst playing sports or hobbies

Sports related eye injuries are common and can be dangerous. The eye is an exposed organ after all! A common misconception is your everyday eyewear can protect from eye injury, the truth is they can shatter and cause damage.

I'm a Dispensing Optician qualified in Sports Vision, I've collated my top tips below...

Play Safe!

Sport is now the biggest cause of hospital admission for serious eye injury in the UK and it's not just the obvious sports that pose a risk*. Every year around 50 people are rushed to hospital with acute eye injuries sustained whilst trampolining! However, racket sports are the number one cause of eye injury.

Wear the right gear

it’s important to know what kinds of eye protection, helmets, and face shields are available to you when you play potentially eye-dangerous sports. It’s especially important to make sure children wear appropriate sporting protection, since a sports eye injury could affect their ability to learn in the present and could affect their sight for years to come. Special glasses, goggles and face shields are just some examples, wrapped and curved to protect your eyes.

"90% of all eye injuries could have been prevented." – Manchester NHS Royal Eye Hospital

Is your vision fit?

The first measure to consider before taking part in any sporting activity is to check up on your visual ability with an eye examination. This is also the perfect opportunity to find out more about protective eyewear.

Explain to your Optometrist the reason for your visit. Maybe you already wear spectacles or contact lenses and want to find out if they will be suitable for your sporting activity. Many people don’t wear their glasses when playing sport. Alternatively, you may have been experiencing poor vision or headaches while taking part in sport.

By telling your Optometrist your needs, you will receive the best practical solution for your visual requirements, thus ensuring your comfort and safety when playing sport. A dispensing Optician will then accurately prescribe your finished product.

We are here to help!

We are fully trained in all the methods to deliver eye safety in sport, thus enabling you to enjoy it, safeguarding your precious vision. We have specialist tints and frames ready for you to enjoy sport whilst being safe.

Don't risk your eye safety-talk to us today via our contact page to take action NOW


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