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Local Foodbanks Strike

During the month of December, Nixon & Shaw Opticians proudly ran our Golden Ticket promotion, a take on the famous story...

Several patients struck gold and found a ticket, giving them £100 off their glasses.

A main focus we have on all our December promotions though, is remembering those less fortunate in the community and donating money based on our glasses sales in December to local foodbanks.

During this years campaign, we raised over £1500, to be shared amongst foodbanks based in Devizes, Melksham and Bradford-on-Avon.

Group Manager Ben Owen said: "It's a unique thing that we do by donating like this, at a time of year when household finances are squeezed even more. We have donated nearly £5000 in the last few years, which helps the local community stay fed and helps the foodbanks operate and provide the fantastic work they do. We have some amazing local foodbanks near us"

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