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The Art of Eyewear Styling

Frame styling is an art and takes years to perfect. Rosie shares her top tips..

  • I think the most important thing is, it needs to be fun and easy! It can seem very daunting with 100's of frames staring at you screaming "choose me" but this is something you'll wear for the next few years. I focus on the shape first that suits, then we can explore colours-the fun bit!

  • I get to understand your style personality-what dog do you have, colour car, clothing tastes? Does something dominate your look and make you, you? Maybe it's a combination? My job-to make that decision as easy as possible

  • Colour is so transformational-the wrong one can highlight features we don't want emphasised and the right ones can dramatically enhance your appearance. My aim is to combine what colours you like with what aides to your appearance

  • i think the final thing is not to pin all your hopes on one frame, sometimes a one size fits all approach just won't work, but i understand another pair of specs may be a luxury. You may have some great frames that we really couldn't say one is better than the other, that's why our additional pair offer is great for those that want that other pair up to 6 months after their original purchase, because sometimes just one pair won't do! I know i'm like that with glasses...and shoes!

Make sure you have an up to date sight test before seeing our dispensing team, then they can give you that pair of glasses you have always desired.

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